January 19, 2006
Beginnings: NImmons'n'Braid

By Geoff Chapman, The Toronto Star

Our great veteran clarinetist-composer-bandleader Phil Nimmons matches skills and wit with classy pianist David Braid in their debut collaboration, a total improvised session recorded in November 2004, in St.Paul's United Church, Dundas, part of the 'clearly classics' series. The results are delightful, seven tunes letting these two seriously-skilled players complement and confront each other as they illuminate terrific techniques, fierce imaginations and the ability to respond to ever-changing ideas. Both players clearly enjoy this project. Tunes are titled "Ayy," "Bee," etc., with joky add-ons such as "rpm" and "btu." Sound quality is immaculate and the audience is delighted, which is perhaps surprising given such an unusual presentation of spontaneous music.